Title Processing Services:
TitleGURU is a high tech transaction management platform that links the title agent, courthouse, and the searcher in a seamless system. Through a strategic alliance between Examtek, a state of the art intelligent title processing system, and search company partners, TitleGURU can process title commitments up to and including policies at the same time the search is conducted! All with the ease of a mouse click and with unmatched consistency and quality.

How? Unlike other title production services or search companies, Title Guru is integrated into the search process so that exceptions and requirements are created as the search is done! Consistency and accuracy are built in. It’s like a professional reader is doing the search! In addition, our team of experienced title professionals quality control every document after it is completed.

TitleGURU utilizes this groundbreaking technology:

  1. Title expertise built into the program including over 185 requirements and 75 exceptions.
    • Auto preparation of Schedules A, B1,B2 & C
    • Orders all supplemental reports and sets up all requirements
  2. System check of 3000 different aspects of title production making the system highly desirable to underwriter‘s for title processing, as Quality is consistent and predictable.
  3. Completely searchable database that greatly reduces the cost of new searches by indexing multiple fields for easy retrieval including:
    • State, Municipality, Block/Lot, Street address, Zip Code, Subdivision, Filed Map
    • Owner/Buyer, Mortgage Company, Realtor/Broker

TitleGURU Benefits:

  • Cost reduction... Utilizing TitleGURU technology and services, you can reduce the costs in your office by 40% as title commitments are processed instantaneously on the system, as courthouse data is being entered through our search company partners.
  • Quality Enhancement... TitleGURU utilizes smart technology, so that every exception and every requirement is automatically included every time. It doesn’t miss an exception, which is automatically created when the data is inputted in the record room. Added to that, we QC every document using our experienced staff of title professionals.
  • Speed... TitleGURU uses advanced technology, so the commitment is produced at the same moment the search is completed!! No one else can offer that level of service!
  • Optional Search Product Elimination... TitleGURU offers an Electronic Data File (EDF) as one form of commitment processing. The EDF process replaces the traditional search product as data is entered directly into the system from the record room. As the data is entered, requirements and exceptions are self populated. You simply let TitleGURU create the commitment before your eyes. NJ Title Insurance Rate Manuals allow for the pass through of data delivered and processed through transaction management platforms. You should consult with your underwriter or legal counsel on all pass through charges.

GLB Compliance:
All of the data supplied in a service request is closely controlled and the process is fully compliant with the Federal privacy and security guidelines described in the Gramm, Leach, Bliley (GLB) Act, which applies to all companies doing business in the "Financial" industry. From the US government's viewpoint, all participants in the mortgage, title and real estate business are considered to be in the "Financial" industry. For additional information on GLB, go to Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 on the Senate banking web site. Compliance with GLB is not easy to achieve. It must to have been designed into the product at the beginning. Retrofitting GLB compliance into an existing product is almost impossible. To achieve GLB compliance the following must be implemented:

  • Physical Security – All customer data and computer systems used in its processing must be located where access is both strictly controlled and documented. Office space with locked file cabinets does not meet this requirement.
  • Data Access – Access to customer data must be implemented so that unauthorized disclosure is prevented. Simple logon using ID and Password does not meet this requirement.
  • Data Communication – Movement of customer data between computer systems must be accomplished using techniques such as encryption. In addition, records must be maintained which indicate when and to whom the customer data is communicated.
  • Owner Control – Each person who enters customer data must be provided with appropriate tools which control who has access. This includes both the customer and all associated processing and management personnel.
  • Internet Access – From a practical viewpoint, computer systems databases containing customer data can not be connected to the Internet. This requires the database be physically isolated on a independent computer system and which implements independent security control.
  • Opportunity:
    At TitleGURU you have the expert support of our entire team of professionals. Every one of us is focused on providing you with the highest quality and lowest cost title generation. If you are looking for a partner to assist you in reducing your costs, give us a call at 201-933-2694, Email us at info@titleguru.net or Request a Marketing Proposal.
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